Underfloor Heating and Climate Control

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Uses The Topway bar manifold, with its multitude of components and accessories, is the perfect solution to current system engineering needs. It offers flexible solutions for various system configurations. This manifold makes it possible to set the temperature in any room through the installation of electro-thermal actuators so as to automatically control each circuit using a thermostat. Special attention has been given to speed and ease of installation. All of…
Room thermostats, touch-screen thermostats, climate control units Click for the technical data sheets. (PDF / English) Connected to the thermoelectric actuators installed on the manifolds, touchscreen thermostats and touchscreen chrono-thermostats allow the control of the temperature in each individual room. Emmeti also produces these electronic components, offering a full heating/cooling system. The use of an electronic climatic controller to manage a floor heating system, offers clear advantages considering the thermal…
Gerpex Press Fittings CW617N (UNI EN 12165) ve CW614N (UNI EN 12164) pirinç gövde *. Dişliler: UNI EN ISO 228-1, UNI EN 10226. Naylon halkası, dielektrik AISI 304 paslanmaz çelik kılıf EPDM çift o-ring * Akıcı maddelerle temas etmeyen yüzeyde nikel kaplama; Tamamen nikel kaplı versiyonların tükenmesinden sonra elde edilebilirlik.

Waste Water Pipes

PIK (Cast Iron)
ATeknik – RSP Pik Pipe Product Description Epoxy coated waste water piping from cast iron to DIN EN 877, LGA certified, fire according to DIN 4102, A1 flammable, according to DIN EN 13501-1, 10 year warranty.
The highly sound-insulating Building Drainage pipe system of POLO-KAL NG with its innovative three-layer technology provides a sustainable high level of comfortable living conditions and high quality of life. The wide product range of POLO-KAL NG makes this pipe system the tailor-made solution for many different kinds of applications. ONE FOR ALL. The highly sound-insulating three-layer pipe system POLO-KAL NG with its multitude of system components in the dimensions 32…
The highly sound-insulating drain pipe POLO-KAL 3S is used where particularly high demands are made on sound protection. Thanks to the outstanding properties of the three-layer technology and the use of porolene, the pipe system POLO-KAL 3S excels in the POLO-KAL® family as the one with the best sound-insulation values.     GUARANTEE AND SUSTAINED VALUE Once the house has been built, only the “intrinsic values” count. This is why we…
TETİ- GIRPI B Class Fire Protection Pipes Click for the Commercial Catalogue.  FRIAPHON® MAIN ADVANTAGES: Acoustic comfort, the only ESA5 rated plastic solution Network durability: no corrosion, no scale Fire safety : fire classification Bs1d0 Euroclasses Installation time under control Environmentally friendly     APPLICATIONS Discharge of soil and waste water and rainwater : Construction of new buildings and renovation: residential, hotels, heath care facilities… Buildings with high acoustic requirements  …

Pressure Pipes

  POLO-ECOSAN, the high-grade installation pipe made of polypropylene, and POLO-ECOSAN ML5, POLO-ECOSAN ML3 and POLO-UV ML5, the multilayer fibre-reinforced composite pipes, guarantee reliable, durable and flawless supply in interior installation systems. Wall thickness, pipe material and temperature range are the factors that decide the level of the resistance of a plastic pipe system to pressure. The pipe systems of POLOPLAST combine all these requirements. Click for the PDF file…
 TETI – WEFATHERM PPR.100 Pipes Suitable Systems for usage : Drinking Water| Hot Water | Radiator Systems | Air Transfer Systems Pipes and fittings are produced in accordance with DIN8078 from high molecular weight PPR 100 raw material. The products have SKZ ‘DVGW’ – TUV – CERT EN ISO 9001 certificates. UV reinforced, fiberglass reinforced and DZR test certified fittings are suitable to DIN 16960 butt welding. Welding Type : Fusion, Coupling, Flanch Gerenal Usage…
TETI – FPI GRE EPOXY PIPES Systems Used: Clean Water System | Hot Water System | Heater System | Air Transfer System | Gas Transfer System According to this specification, the pipes, fittings are classified according to ASTM D 2310 standard, designating type, quality, class and long time compressive strength. For pressures of 12,5 bar and above, the axial load bearing class of the pipe will be RTRP-11FX1, class RTRP-11-FU1…
TETI – GIRPI PVC-U K62 FITTINGS MAIN ADVANTAGES Click for the Commercial Catalogue No corrosion, no scale Certfied quality products label NF-P (dimension and mechanical characteristics) Produits certifiés NF-P Low load losses Approved for potable water services Installation time under control APPLICATIONS Cold water services Swimming pool Irrigation Industry OUR PRODUCT     Click for the Installation Guide    
TETI – GIRPI SYSTEM’O®  MAIN ADVANTAGES Click for the Commercial Catalogue No corrosion, limited scaling CPVC is one of the materials which contribute least to biofilm expansion Suitable for chemical and heat treatment for both hot and cold water services Fire classification Bs1d0 (Euroclasses) No risk of confusion on building sites (2 different pipes and 1 single range of fittings) Installation time under control APPLICATIONS Risers Main rings Small distribution (second fix)…
TETI – NİMKA PIPE IN PIPE  Product Discription Pre-insulated Package Pipes and Fittings have a 30-year life at 120 ° C continuous service temperature. In special projects, double insulated pipes resistant to 450 ° C can be constructed. The heat transfer coefficient is 50 CC 0.03 W / mK and is stable for 30 years. The heat loss is very low. It is about 1-2 ° C at 10 km.…
PRESSURE For compressed air distribution, assembled by cold welding    Click for the Commercial Catalogue GIRAIR® MAIN ADVANTAGES Corrosion free Technical reliability Perfect airtightness clean air at all time Reduced maintenance Installation time under control APPLICATIONS Compressed air distribution Neutral gas distribution Centralized networks Click for the Technical Data Sheet OUR PRODUCTS INSTALLATION RULES  
TETI-GIRPI KRYOCLIM® MAIN ADVANTAGES  Click for the Commercial Catalogue No corrosion Limited condensation Reduced pressure losses and frictional losses Energy savings High impact resistance Installation time under control APPLICATIONS Centralised comfort cooling in residential and commercial buildings comfort cooling alone comfort cooling combined with electrical heating (2 pipes, 2 electrical wires) Industrial applications machine cooling (for process units and production line) air conditioning in production workshops, storage warehouses Food Industry refrigeration…


TETI- UDS In the field of Sifonic Roof Drainage, the pipe system POLO-KAL NG, in conjunction with high-quality, optimally matching system components of renowned manufacturers, and the extraction-proof connection POLO-KAL NG ASV, guarantees fast, reliable and economical drainage of large roof surfaces. For more information, please visit our TETI-Polo UDS Siphonic website at:  www.sifonikdrenajsistemi.com BIG MOUTH, BUT SHUT TIGHT. The cleaning pipe POLO-EHP makes the POLO-KAL® pipe systems accessible to cleaning…
TETI – POLOKAL GAS CHIMNEY SYSTEM Product Description Class, Class-B / 120 C degree temperature required for the establishment of emission lines from oil and gas burning Conditions guaranteed by Akkaditerten Prüfinstut Geprüft and certificate DIN EN 14471 CE.
POLO-KAL NG ASV COMES ON STRONG. The system-dependent extraction-proof connection opens up a wide range of new fields of application in the pressure and negative pressure range.   can be used in many situations, such as in raising systems simple, fast assembly secure hold in push-fit connections that are subject to particularly high extraction forces          
  TETI-POLOKAL Uncompromising safety is a requirement in fire fighting. The system-tested fire protective collars POLO-BSM and POLO-BSM F matching the POLO-KAL® systems can be relied upon to 100 %!     A HOT TOPIC WITH A COOL SOLUTION. POLOPLAST has developed the fire protective collars POLO-BSM and POLO-BSM F to meet the requirements of efficient fire protection. These system components have been specifically adjusted to and approved for the…
The innovative duct system features many smart solutions and allows cables and pipes in the dimensions between 8 and 250 mm to be fed through walls simply and safely. This smart and sophisticated system has been optimized in its ease of laying and high level of reliability. The finned pipe made from PP, and the sealing elements with flexible components allow the media pipes to be integrated without difficulty, but…